Western's Facility in Corona, CA


Western is renowned for building production equipment for the plaster, stucco and fireproofing processes used in production of residential and commercial construction. Western builds the best equipment because we get involved and listen to the people in the field in order to integrate the features that make them more competitive and profitable.

It is not uncommon for Western to custom build enhancements to our equipment at the direction of our customers. The tandem axle trailer seen on our Predator pumps, on-board water batching system for fireproofing, our Powerdump feature (hydraulic powered mixer coupled with hydraulic batch dumping) and the wide selection of diesel power options are all examples of this. Continuous product improvement and prototype testing is why we are always a step ahead of the competition.

Our 90,000 square foot facility includes high quality manufacturing equipment where we produce the majority of the components here on the premises. This gives us the ability to control costs and to control the durability of the component. Additionally, designing and manufacturing our own components gives us the ability to rapidly evolve features and future models so that our customer can realize better productivity and reliability.